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Social Media has revolutionized marketing strategies. Big companies use Digital Marketing these days to grow their business. Cybertize Media has expert in house digital marketers which focuses on your business growth.

Digital Marketing is nothing but just internet Marketing carried out in website / Mobile Phone Apps / Social Media where lots of traffic (hits are there.) Graphic content such as Video or a Catchy image is used to escalate your business over social media using internet technology.

Cybertize Media Promotes Company, Brands, Products via Digital Marketing in Ranchi (Digital Media). Whatever your business is, Digital Marketing has the solution to drive in sales and traffic to your business. Cybertize Media provides Digital Marketing solutions for Restaurant, Salon, Startups, Website, Mobile Apps, & Shopping Malls as well.

Digital Marketing in Ranchi is carried out through various processes. Such as Search Engine Optimization (also called SEO), Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Pay-per-click (PPC) Marketing. Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), AdWord Marketing, Content Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization in Ranchi

SEO is the Key to Grow your Business Organically. Search Engine Optimization is the process where websites and web pages are ranked in Google using primary & secondary keywords related to the business and services one is proving in a particular region or area. Cybertize Media provides Off-Page SEO as well as On-Page SEO in Ranchi helping customers to grow organically.

Email Marketing in Ranchi

Cybertize Media uses various email marketing tools to give you reach using email as a tool in Ranchi. Beautiful Email templates along with content are shot using Bulk Email Services. Cybertize Media Does Email Marketing Using Sendgrid, Mailchimp in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

SMS Marketing in Ranchi

Cyberize Media Also Does Message Blasting in Ranchi. Fetching Targeted Phone Numbers & Shooting promotion SMS within Ranchi.

Digital Marketing Services Provided by Cybertize Media

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO means Cybertize Media's SEO Team will boost up your website ranking on Google so that your website reaches out to people and organic traffic is maintained in this way. HTML meta tags, Hearder Markups & Site images inside your website are managed in this.

What is Off-Page SEO?

For Off-Page SEO Cybertize Media influences your website from outside of the Website. That means creating backlinks, Social Media Shares, etc. are handled in off-page SEO. But On-Page SEO is the Vital Part in the World of SEO. So chronologically we first maintain On-Page SEO in Ranchi.

What is Social Media Marketing?

In simpler terms, Selling Your Physical & Digital Products via Social Media is called Social Media Marketing. By now, you must be knowing that social media provides targeting tools. We use these tools to make your products and services reach out to people and end up making sales.

What is Social Media Handle Management?

Company Social Media Pages on Facebook and Instagram will be handled by Cybertize Media's official Social Media team in Ranchi. By handling it means posting Regular Updates. Adding Story. Managing Social Media Messages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

What is Website Content Writing?

Have you built your website? If yes, then still you aren't done. What about content management? For SEO you need to write content and update your website on a regular basis. Cybertize has Expert Content Writers in Ranchi to help you out with this. SEO Ready Content will be regularly written and updated on your website by the digital content creators.

What is Graphic Creation?

Cybertize Media's Graphic Designers in Ranchi will create image graphics and provide Content Writing & Social Media Management Team to update the same. Attractive beautiful images create impact and brings a response. Images will be created on a regular basis, depending upon occasion & offers

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is an integral process in SEO. In this process, Cybertize Media takes out keywords that make value to your brand or products and keywords are differentiated into primary & secondary keywords.

What is Google Adwords Management?

Managing Google Ad Account in Ranchi is the procedure where Cybertize Media manages all ad-related staff. Such as Creating a Google Ad Campaign, Keywords CPC setting, Analyse which keyword is actually giving you results.

What is Youtube Video Promotion in Ranchi?

Promoting Ad Film via Youtube in Ranchi is called youtube video promotion. It is the same as Google Adword Management and is done under the same Adword portal provided by Google Adwords.

Adword Marketing in Ranchi

Adword Marketing in Ranchi is carried out either through Facebook Adword/Paid Promotion or through Google Adwords/Ads Express by Cybertize Media. Campaigns are created and targets are set in the adword tools given by these platforms. Cybertize Media runs the campaign from Ranchi until client requirements are fulfilled. Facebook & Google is the two best tools in today's digital world to reach out to people. Targeting is done geographically, keyword-based, interest-based, age-based and gender-based, which fulfills Digital Marketing demand as were to reach and were not.

Content Marketing in Ranchi

'Content is King'. Cybertize Media has great influential content writers which can create unique content for your business that reaches out to people and brings you engagement.

If you are a boy and using Social Media, have you ever thought why Lipstic ad is never served to your feeds? Or in another case "If you are a Girl and using Social Media" have you ever thought why Motor Bike Ad is never served in your feed? That's because Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing is all about targeting. So Cybertize Media has a complete package of digital marketing to help out Small Businesses & Startups to grow and create Sales Fusion.

Sachin Dhir

Sachin Dhir

Digital Marketing Head • Social Media Manager • Graphic Designer

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